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Job Reference: CH000008
Health Safety and Wellbeing leader with SMS, strategy and project design and implementation experience? Your role is here! APPLY NOW
Job Reference: EA000103
Logan City Council is looking for Property Officer - Legal who is experienced in Queensland property law.
Job Reference: EA000102
Logan City Council is looking for a highly capable individual with strong technical expertise relating to the acquisition of property interests.
Job Reference: RL000049
Facilitate urban development in the logan region and provide innovative solutions in relation to infrastructure charges and planning!
Job Reference: CH000006
Coordinate effective interventions to improve safety for road users. Focussing on reducing road trauma by implementing the Road Safety Strategy.
Job Reference: CH000004
Undertake engineering investigations and arrange traffic improvements to LCC's network. Provide advice on traffic planning, management and operations.
Job Reference: CH000003
Working with the Community and Council to achieve best outcomes will provide immense job satisfaction for the successful candidate.
Job Reference: CH000002
As the next LCC Senior Civil engineer you will contribute to the delivery of Capital Infrastructure Projects from 'design' to 'construction' status.
Job Reference: EA000101
Provide support to Council in relation to the acquisition of property interests associated with Council's Capital Delivery Programs.
Job Reference: RL000046
Provide specialist engineering, construction management ,contract administration expertise in the delivery road and drainage infrastructure projects
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